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FACS Core Facility  / User Guidelines

 In General

An introductory training and brief formal orientation is mandatory for all users before the delivery of cells for sorting. Cell sorters are ONLY run by core employees and all experiments must be discussed and scheduled with a core facility employee in advance. Exceptions will be made for trained persons who frequently make use of the cell sorter. We do not permit access to the instruments for users who were not trained directly by the Core staff.

It is imperative that you plan your experiments carefully. The Core staff is always available to consult on protocols and procedures prior to implementation and we strongly recommend you to come to us before starting any new experiment so as to avoid any expensive mistakes. This includes confirming that the fluorescent labels and their combinations can be analyzed and sorted on the available instrumentation.

Any non-routine multicolor/multifluorochrome experiment (i.e. not familiar to you/you have not done before) you wish to do should HAVE a pilot experiment done beforehand. In our experience, although our instrumentation has multicolor capability, the antibody titration and instrument set-up and compensation for three plus fluorochromes is not trivial and may take several pilot runs to work out. It is imperative that you discuss any complex multicolor experiment with a core employee prior to planning and/or ordering supplies so as to avoid any problems or misunderstandings. 

 Your first visit

We therefore recommend the following procedure. First you make an appointment with the core facility staff to discuss the overall goals of your work and how to customize your experiments. After discussion a user form in which all the relevant questions are addressed will be filled out (FACS User Form FORS or FACS User Form Dermatology)

 Data storage

The data will be collected on the hard disk. Please bring a CD or a USB stick to store the collected data on your own device.


Any formal presentations or publications resulting from the work performed in the Core should be acknowledged and a reprint should be provided. Acknowledgment is made either by offering coauthorship (in the case of substantial amount of cell sortings) or by citation in the Acknowledgments (in the case of minor cell sorting contribution). Please keep in mind that these instruments have been purchased from HBFG-grants from the Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft.

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