Access Policy

We expect an increasing use of complex flow cytometric analysis and cell sorting requiring the usage of high-end instrumentation. This will lead to a proportionate increase in requests for service and increase the lead-time necessary to schedule these types of applications. It will be our policy to make service as accessible as possible for all users so we must continuously update our policies to fairly serve the entire research community.

While this core facility will be available for any scientist, the highest priority will be given to researchers, who either participate in the organization of the Core or already included the services of the Core in their peer-reviewed funding. All other investigators are reminded to include the services of the Core in their grant applications and the core will be happy to assist in designing any future projects. This will ensure that the Core is an appropriate venue for the proposed research, that the project design incorporates the efficient use of the Facility, and that the costly resources of the Facility are used for the greatest scientific benefit.


So far no fees will be charged in 2006 for university members. However, at the end of the year the sort activity (hours of sorting) of the single groups will be recorded by the Faculty of Medicine. Based on these data future charging will be discussed.


A survey among 300 core facility managers worldwide conducted by the Purdue University gave an average of fees charged for usage of the facility of 90 for cell sorting (staff operated)