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FACS Core Facility  / Staff and Instrumentation


Cell sorting on the FACSAria is a highly complex task, and is typically performed by facility staff members only. Cell sorters can be configured in a variety of ways: Higher-speed, lower-pressure, aseptic (sterile) in tubes or plates, single-cell, four-way and multi-laser (including violet, blue and red), multi-color (nine-color) cell sorting. Consultation and discussion of any planned experiments are therefore indispensable.


FACS Core Facility Manager FORS

Hans-Jörg Bühring

Phone: 07071-29-82730
Fax: 07071-29-2730
E-Mail: hans-joerg.buehring (@)



FACS Core Facility Manager Dermatology

Tilo Biedermann

Phone: 07071-29-80836
Fax: 07071-29-5708
E-Mail: tilo.biedermann (@)

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