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Further Reading

 Places on the Internet were you can go to before you call us

The Purdue e-mail list. Best known source for any question both "expert" and "newbie".
Also take a look in the
archives, the topic of your question might be older than you think.


 Commercial Links


The Flow Cytometry learning guide is a general introduction to the technique. There is also a description of the Digital Software  used in the FACSAria.


Short introductions to flow cytometry can be found on the web. ICRF (Derek Davies), CytonetUK (Terry Hoy) or the lecture series from James Leary.


A well known source for online flow cytometry education is the Purdue University website maintained by J.P. Robinson. There is also access to teaching material, and the famous Cytometry CD ROM series (do not forget to give credit to the authors).

For any details on the organisation or the design of future projects please contact one of the staff employees. 

 Final Acknowledgement

I gratefully acknowledge the generosity of Dr. Elmar Endl, University of Bonn, who considerably contributed to this site by making his site available for modifications. Thank you!!!


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