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IRTG: Integrated Research Training Group SFB 685  / 9th Annual Meeting (Kloster Schöntal 2014)

9th Network Meeting of the DFG training and graduate programs in Life Sciences of the University of Würzburg, Erlangen and Tübingen. This annual network meeting will take place at Kloster Schöntal from June 23 - 25, 2014.

Kloster Schöntal, Schöntal, Germany


Once a year the GK scholars will be responsible for the independent organization of a Mini-Symposium. Past experience has confirmed that this event is highly attractive for scholars, supervisors and guests alike because it can be organised as an exciting, joint undertaking with other GKs working on associated topics. In recent years the past, the Mini-Symposium was organized together with the GK 520 (Würzburg) and the GK 592 (Erlangen) with a scientific programme (short presentations of the own work of the scholars in form of oral presentations) and a multi-poster session in solitary conference centres (such as Kloster Banz, Kloster Schöntal or Kloster Neresheim) so as to encourage the communication between supervisors, guests and the students of the different GKs. In recent years the scholars of the IRTG of the SFB685 (Tübingen), the GK 1660 (Erlangen) and the graduate programme "Imunmodulation" (Würzburg) take over to organize these meetings. The atmosphere was always extremely beneficial for the scholars and the lecturers and allowed a close interaction between all participants.


In 2014, Würzburg is responsible for the organization of the meeting



Scientific Program (under construction)

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