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Publikationen 2005

Luther C, Wienhold W, Oehlmann R, Heinemann M, Melms A, Tolosa E. (2005) Alternatively spliced transcripts of the thymus-specific serine protease PRSS16 are differentially expressed in human thymus. Genes Immun 6:1-7. PubMed

Luther C, Pöschel S, Varga M, Melms A, Tolosa E. (2005) Decreased frequency of intrathymic regulatory T cells in patients with myasthenia-associated thymoma. J Neuroimmunol 164:124-128. PubMed

Armeanu S, Bitzer M, Lauer UM, Venturelli S, Pathil A, Kaiser S, Jobst J, Smirnow I, Wagner A, Steinle A, Salih HR. NK cell-mediated lysis of hepatoma cells via specific induction of NKG2D ligands by the histone deacatylase inhibitor sodium valproate. Cancer Res. 2005; 65:6321-6329. PubMed

Wiemann K, Mittrücker HW, Feger U, Welte S, Yokoyama WM, Spies T, Rammensee HG, Steinle A. Systemic NKG2D down-regulation impairs NK and CD8 T cell responses in vivo. J Immunol. 2005;175:720-729. PubMed

Rincon Orozco B, Kunzmann, V, Kabelitz D, Wrobel P, Steinle A, Herrmann T. Activation of V gamma 9V delta 2 T cells by NKG2D. J. Immunol. 2005;175:2144-2151. PubMed

Walter S, Bioley G, Bühring H-J, Koch S, Wernet D, Zippelius A, Pawelec G, Romero P, Stevanovic; S, Rammensee HG, Gouttefangeas C. High frequencies of functionally impaired cytokeratin 18-specific CD8+ T cells in healthy HLA-A2+ donors. Eur J Immunol. 2005;35:2876-28955. PubMed

Dittmann J, Keller-Matschke K, Weinschenk T, Kratt T, Heck T, Becker HD, Stevanovic CD8+ T-cell response against MUC1-derived peptides in gastrointestinal cancer survivors. Cancer Immunol Immunother. 2005;54:750-758. PubMed

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